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Bringing Families Together


To be separated from family or a loved one indeed is never a wonderful experience. Truth be said, foreign nationals who are temporarily or permanently residing in the United States have families and loved ones left behind in their home country. To bring families together requires a well-coordinated plan and in depth understanding of the entire U.S. Immigration process.


Attaining counsel from us means that we will be handling your case from beginning to end, instead of preparing only parts of the case for you. More and more lawyers are starting to “unbundle” their legal services and offer “a la carte” legal services. At Marapao Law Offices, we do not unbundle our services but rather provide maximum amount of expertise you absolutely need and can afford in our pursuit to bring you and your family together.


Our years of experience in immigration law has been an advancing advocate of immigrants' applications and petitions. We are pledged to do all that we can possibly do to see that families like yours are not needlessly separated.


With the immigration reform bill on the horizon, now is the time to apply for a family-based immigration visa. A heap of family members are enjoying family preference each and every year when it comes to obtaining a visa and being able to immigrate to the U.S. If you need immigration assistance to help bring your family together, feel free to call our firm and schedule to meet with one of our skilled attorneys. Remember, we exist for you!




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